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Posted 3/8/ 2015 - Student Information - - -

From the Office for Resources, Equity, Accessibility and Learning (REAL):

If you have a disability that may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require accommodations, please see me so I may direct you to The Office for Resources, Equity, Accessibility and Learning (REAL) at to make arrangements and enhance accessibility. Remember, it is always best if we can talk at least one week prior to the need for any modifications.

Class Liaison Representatives

Below are Class Liaisons that you may contact via email or phone if you miss class due to lateness or absence. Please remember to look at the class LibGuide for assignments and other information.  The Class Liaisons are:

Latoya Coffer:


Ebony Gibson:,,



Posted 3/8/2015 Coaching Help

REGISTER FOR TUTORING/COACHING - The Academic Excellence offers support services in Writing, Math, and Science. Register at: to make appointments with qualified tutors/coaches.


Please make sure your CNR Email address is working properly.  I have tried to send information to the class and three emails were bounced back to me.  Go to the HELP DESK in the Mooney Center and ask for assitance.

About Make-up Class Assignments

Due to school closures for snow days, holidays, and other SNR schedules, all Monday evening classes have six (6) classes that need to be made up by the end of March.  Since there are many challenges of having students come in on Fridays and two Sundays, the SNR Administration as given the instructors the opportunity to arrange make-up assignments.  To quote Associate Dean for Curriculum and Instructrion, Dr. Louis deSalle, "As the assignments are submitted students will be marked present on these dates.  If by these dates students have not completed the assignments, they will be marked absent."  I will add to this by saying that assignments not handed in will affect your final grade.  Below is the schedule all make-up assignments are to be submitted:


                 #1                                     Feb. 13                                 Feb. 20

                 #2                                      Feb. 20                                Feb. 27

                 #3                                      March 6                               March 13

                 #4                                      March 13                             March 20

                 #5                                      March 15                             March 23

                 #6                                      March 22                             March 30

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